Coca-Cola classic is always the real thing: Aligning the brand with mission

image (1)While here in Seoul, I had the amazing opportunity to visit one of the world’s largest multinational beverage corporations, Coca-Cola Korea. During the candid discussion, I was able to get an inside viewpoint on the public relations efforts from Coca-Cola Korea’s public affairs and corporate communications director and manger.

In the discussion with the communications team, I found it interesting how Coca-Cola Korea strategically integrates its corporate social responsibility (CSR) 2020 visionary plan, Me.We.World, to assist in driving its outreach and communications initiatives with targeted audiences. For an array of multinational corporations, the current movement is aligning CSR with key business objectives.

The Coca-Cola communications representatives explained how environmental and social issues are valued and important to the current younger generation of consumers and how they identify with a brand. As a result, building communications strategies that connect with company’s CSR initiatives maintains and conveys a positive rapport with stakeholders. More importantly, blending CSR and communication efforts together allows the brand of Coca-Cola to be even more transparent in driving innovation for better sustainability worldwide.

Coca-Cola Korea’s usage of CSR within public relations strategic efforts was a very interesting notion, because it supported the stakeholder theory and the idea of leveraging CSR from a communications position. Further, it’s finally nice to see CSR and communication in actual practice and supporting all the literature and theories I’ve explored and studied to understand the valuable role that CSR plays in daily corporate communications efforts. Coca-Cola Korea is definitely making the brand real and classic.


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